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"Celestial Forest #1" -acrylic 24"x36" "Atlas Held Aries At Bay #2" -acrylic 46"x32" "History Repeating #2" -acrylic 32"x86"
"Sharing What Fell" -acrylic 4 panels 18"x50" "Into the Falls" -acrylic diptych "Into the Morning Marsh" -acrylic triptych 24"x76"
"Into the Forest Clearing" -acrylic" "Aries Garden" -acrylic diptych 46"x67" "Atlas Struggled With the Heavens #2" -acrylic 32"x46"

Phillip Spinks' art is interpreting the relationship between Nature and Man. Both of which contain elements of order and chaos. The images are conjured from the primal origins of life, though not always representational of specific or the fantastic and are grounded within linear boundaries.

He is committed to interpreting the reflections between resolution and balance, as they pertain to his journey, between the mysterious realm of dreams and the subconscious and a purely industrial and tribal world. In one's inner world, sometimes one persists; sometimes one loses; sometimes one searches; and sometimes one wanders. It is a constant struggle. Thus life is often formed and built while on strives for the unobtainable. The collision of these opposing forces produces an ordered symmetry that balances the creation and evolution of the artist's imagination.
copyright © 2008 by Phillip J. Spinks. All rights reserved.