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"The Morning Marsh" -acrylic triptych 78" x 48" "Atlas Also Held The Heavens" -acrylic diptych 72" x 76" "Cronos Built Many Wonderful Things" -acrylic triptych 24" x 36"
"Lines of Force Were Inverted" -acrylic 5 panels 12" x 68" "Skating After the Storm" -acrylic 86" x 60" "Through the Reeds #2" -acrylic 12" x 12"
"Salzburg After the Storm" acrylic 72" x 72" "Finding the Center" acrylic 9 panels 72" x 72" "Through the Reeds #2" -acrylic 12" x 12"

Deconstructing Mythologies is continuing this current body of work, Phillip Spinks, builds from the Darwin's Predicament methodology by using earlier ideas in new ways. With some of his previous work, Phillip incorporates text; both poetry and prose, to help convey the feelings he strove to obtain with the paintings. These words offer a direction to help both the viewer and the artist interpret the mood of the paintings

With the Mythologies series, Phillip continues constructing side stories to various Greek mythological entities. These tales are glimpses to other courses that the realm may have taken. These paths, created by the entities, all lead to the downfall of the mythological beings. Their ruin should not be taken as a negative, because without it, Mankind would not have been able to evolve. Man's evolution flows from the need to interpret the unknown, by creating a series of deities that controlled their world to where he is today. The downfall is actually a construct by the deities in order to perpetuate the growth of Man. This is a return to Darwin's Predicament in that it is both a creation and evolution of ideas.

The texts themselves are a work in progress. Phillip is incorporating them into a series of short stories, poems and essays which will be published and disseminated into the World Wide Web. By doing so, he hopes to create a new evolution for Greek mythology which has been reinterpreted numerous times since their genesis. With this evolution, Phillip is striving to build the framework for the reader/viewer to question the concepts which history now holds steadfast.
copyright © 2008 by Phillip J. Spinks. All rights reserved.